Why cold rooms and walk in freezers have a high humidity?

You might have experienced many times that your cold room or walk in freezers have a very high humidity. This is especially applicable for medicine cold rooms of 2-8°C, a cold room used for fruits or vegetables etc. below 10°C etc. The problem is severe for a cold storage operating between 0°C to 15°C.

Why my medicine cold room has a very high humidity?

Humidity is basically moisture particles in the air. If you have a high concentration of moisture particles in the air, this means that the room is having a high humidity. Humidity is measured as a percentage of moisture particles in the air.cold-room-dehumidifier-vacker

The cold room is always at a much lower temperature compared to its immediate. The air in any environment has a certain amount of moisture at all times. Even if you are in a dry country, you will have a humidity level of 30-40% RH.

Let us assume that you have a cold room of 2-8°C, which opens to a warehouse having a humidity level of 50%RH. The warehouse may be at a temperature of 25 to 30°C. There will be a certain level of moisture in the warehouse. When you open the doors of a cold room, it attracts fresh air from the warehouse. Since the cold room has a lower temperature, the moisture in the air condenses inside the cold room, thus increasing the humidity. Every time you open the cold room, it attracts more moisture particles into the cold room. This process is called condensation.

If you have a cold room humidity monitoring system inside your cold room, you can see that as soon as you open the door, humidity increases within seconds.

Thus the humidity keeps on increasing and will reach even 95-100% RH.free-download-dehumidifier-calculation-excel-sheet

What is the recommended humidity for medicine cold rooms?

Fro storage of medicines, the recommended humidity level is below 65%. However, this also depends on the type of medicines that you are storing. If you are unsure, please check with the manufacturer of the medicine. We have undertaken dehumidification projects of cold rooms, which required a humidity level of 45%.

How to reduce the humidity of cold rooms?desiccant-dehumidifier-for-cold-room-vacker

One way to reduce the humidity of a cold room is to limit air flow into the cold room from the outside. However, as you can imagine this is very difficult. You can install air curtain in front of the doors of the cold room but is not very effective.

The next way is to remove humidity from the room by using a dehumidifier. This is the only way to effectively reduce the humidity of a cold room. Dehumidifiers are electrical devices which process the air and convert the moisture particles into water and remove from the room. Below 10°c, you have to use a desiccant type dehumidifier.

How to select the size of the correct dehumidifier for my cold room?

You need to calculate based on your room size, present temperature and present humidity. We will assist you to decide the exact capacity of the dehumidifier. If you wish, you can use our free dehumidifier calculation tool.

Please read more on cold room dehumidifiers.

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