Thermal Blanket for Cold Chain Management for medicines

Thermal Blanket also known as Temperature protection blankets are used to cover temperature  sensitive products during transportation and storage. The application is mainly for Pharmaceutical products.thermal-pallet-cover-blanket

These are also known as Thermal Pallet covers, Thermal insulation cover, Pallet insulation cover, temperature insulation cover, Insulated cover etc.

Thermal Blanket (Thermal insulated cover)

Thermal blanket is used to ensure that in the cold chain management system, the product never breaks the Cold chain. If the goods are covered with thermal blanket, the temperature is protected even while loading and unloading of the sensitive goods.

At an ambient temperature of 50 Deg C, a pallet full of goods taken out of 20 Deg c will retain its temperature for approximately one hour.

At an ambient temperature of 50 Deg C, a pallet full of goods taken out of 4  Deg c will retain its temperature for approximately 10 minutes.T76-temeprature-insulation-cover-for-medicines

The figures indicated are only indicative and actual reports will be made available based on your requirements. You may please contact us for testing reports under different temperature profiles.

The Thermal blankets are mainly used to deflect huge and sudden temperature variations  during handling of the pharmaceutical goods.

These come in various sizes and shapes to suit various pallet sizes. Same are available in sheets also which can be used to cover any shape of goods.

Temperature insulation cover for Pallets (Thermal Pallet cover)

There are different types of thermal covers for Euro and American sized pallets. Few of the available models are:

Grade T96 : Temperature resistance is 3 hours at 90°Ctemperature-insulated-cover-performance

Grade FHF : 0.3 mm thick, Temperature resistance is 3 hours at 90°C

Grade FN : 0.5 mm thick, Temperature resistance is 3 hours at 90°C

Grade MBM: 3 mm thick

Grade DTW: 0.1 mm thick

Grade DTS: 0.1 mm thick

Grade MBBM: 6 mm thick

Grade T46: 50 mm thick

Grade T56: 75 mm thicktemperature-insulation-cover-for-pallets

Grade T76: 90 mm thick

We are associated with Weather Shield, India for supplying their entire range of products and services. Weathershield is a global supplier of thermal blanket covers for all type of temperature controlled consignments.

Vacker Arabia supplies  thermal blanket for cold chain management in all cities of Saudi Arabia covering Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jubail and Khobar.


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