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To ensure good functioning and operation of data center, it is very necesscary to detect any undesirable issues at an early stage. If temperature and humidity is unstable and more or less than the required range, then a dysfunctionality or breakdown of servers could possibly occur.

The server room monitoring system has a very precise function, continuous humidity & temperature monitoring with the help of multi-sensors connected to it. A great observation it does is that it informs the user for limits beyond set. Most of the advanced monitoring systems is inbuilt with the function of monitoring the equipment as well. VackerGlobal data center and server room monitoring system supports various types of protocol which can be integrated smoothly with LAN/WAN network.

And hence we can do remote monitoring and analysis of data center with the monitoring system. Depending on the size and requirement of the server room along with the number of equipment to be monitored, we need to select a proper monitoring system that should possibly have a sufficient number of sensor inputs.

Our data center environment monitoring systems are for monitoring the following:
a. The temperature of the server room
b. Humidity fo the server room or data center
c. Monitor Power failure in any area
d. Detect water leakage in the server room or data center
e. Detect smoke or fire in the server room
f. Record door opening of the room
g. Any other monitoring through various combination of sensors

Also it can generate phone call, SMS and Email alerts if any of the above parameters are activated.

Vacker Arabia supplies all kinds of monitoring systems in Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jubail and Khobar in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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