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RFID temperature data loggers

RFID Temperature loggers use the technology of RFID to transfer the data. A temperature data logger is used to record the temperature.  This article explains A927ZET Temperature Logger UHF Semi-Passive Tag with External Probe. This is manufactured by CAEN RFID, Italy.

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Cargo temperature recorders and loggers

Various types of cargo goods contain temperature sensitive items such as medicines, food, chemicals, electronics goods etc. for which recording of temperature and probably humidity are required. Purpose of temperature recording of Cargo Are you storing or transporting goods which

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Temperature & Humidity data logger with capacity of 110,000 readings


Vacker Arabia is authorised distributor of Cryopak, USA for their entire range of temperature and humidity monitoring and recording solutions including data loggers, real time monitoring systems etc. Features of Temperature & Humidity data logger model iMini Cryopak make temperature

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Temperature Data Logger UAE


The IMINI series of temperature and humidity data loggers are manufactured by Cryopak, USA under the brand name Escort. This data logger includes the same features as the IMINI as well as an internal humidity sensor or can be equipped with

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