Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers are for recording temperature for any sort of applications. For various types of applicationsimini-temperature-data-logger, we have to record temperature of the particular application. This might be across a wide range of -200°C to 1350°C.We supply numerous types of data loggers for these applications. All types of electronic recorders are known as data loggers.

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iMini temperature data loggers with MKT value

iMini series by Cryopak, USA is the most popular range of  reusable temperature data loggers for the common range of applications. These are suitable for most of the common applications within a range of -40°C to +80°C.


  1. It has a battery life of up to 2 years (depending on sampling interval).
  2. We offer 2 years warranty for this reusable logger.
  3. There are different models available in different memory capacity from 8000 readings to 128000 readings.
  4. The customer can generate reports in pdf, excel and text formats.
  5. There are 4 levels of LED alerts in the data logger. 2 nos. LED alerts for on low side and 2 nos. LED on the high side of readings.
  6. It automatically calculates Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) and is given in teh report.

Also please see about iMini series of temperature & humidity data loggers which measures humidity along with the temperature in a single data logger.iminiplus-temperature-data-logger

iMini plus pdf temperature data loggers

iMini plus series was originally part of Escort branded range of data loggers.


  1. This is a Plug and Play type reusable data logger, which does not require any special software for downloading the data.
  2. The device acts as a USB Device and we can generate pdf reports automatically.
  3. Simple to operate free software which is available on our website.

Please see our page for videos and operation manuals of iMini plus range of temperature data loggers.

iLog Temperature data loggers

iLog series is the legacy range of products by Cryopak, which is for high precision applications of temperature and humidity measurement.ilog-temperature-data-logger


  1. It has a memory capacity of 32000 readings.
  2. There are Visual and Audible alarms for upper and lower limit of temperature.
  3. Programming and data downloading are through our free Consoleplus software.
  4. This is a reusable data logger. A user can re-programme the same any number of times.
  5. It has a strong Polycarbonate casing body.
  6. IT has a battery life of 1-2 years depending upon usage. You may not that the audio visual alarms consume more power.
  7. It has a reading resolution of 0.1°C.

We can use this data logger along with a portable printer for taking a print of the recorded data. Please see details of the printer with a data logger.

Single use disposable data logger

These are economic models of temperature data loggers for a single use of data logging. These are ideally used for consignments during transportation of temperature sensitive products. USB-single-use-temperature-data-logger


  1. It has a memory capacity of 8000 readings.
  2. Downloading of data is through simple plug and play operation.
  3. There are 5LEDs to indicate the status of alerts.
  4. 2 LEDs are for lower level alerts (Blue color) and 2 LEDs are on the higher level of  alerts(Red Alerts).
  5. There is 1 green LED to indicate the temperature was OK within the entire recording.
  6. The operation is by pressing the simple start and stop buttons.
  7. The device has IP 67 protection.
  8. No special software required for downloading the data.
  9. Automatic report generated in pdf, excel and text formats.
  10. The report shows Mean Kinetic Value (MKT).

Please see more details on USB disposable temperature data loggerdry-ice-data-logger

Dry ice data logger

Dry ice temperature data loggers are for measuring and recording temperature of items stored in dry ice at a temperature of approximately -80°C. This comes with an external sensor with 1-meter cable. the customer has to insert this sensor into the box of dry ice. Please see our separate page on the same.

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Bluetooth temperature data logger MSR 145WD

In most of the other models on this page, the data downloading is through a USB cable to a computer. In a blue tooth data logger, the data transfer is through the blue tooth technology. The data logger has inbuilt memory for storage of recorded data. When a connected blue tooth device such as a phone comes nearby, it transfers the recorded data to the phone automatically. Please see more on Bluetooth data logger MSR 145WD.reusable-temperature-data-logger

Applications of temperature data logger

Few of the various applications of temperature data loggers are as below:

  1. Monitoring and recording temperature of food and vegetables – We can place a data logger inside the van or reefer while transporting these items.
  2. Recording the temperature of medicine in a box, van, cold store, warehouse etc.
  3. Similarly for recording temperature of vaccines.
  4. Recording the temperature of processed food items, ice creams etc.
  5. Storage of medicines in a cold room, warehouse etc.

Please see our selection guide for Temperature data loggers

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