Humidifier for increasing humidity

While dehumidifiers are for decreasing the humidity, humidifiers are for increasing the humidity.

Humidifiers by Trotec,Germany

Humidifiers are required for the optimum automatic regulation of humidity in homes and offices, bookshops, museums, etc.

Humidifier working principle

These machines convert water into moisture and are spread into the occupied area, thus generating humidity. The humidifier sucks the air from the surrounding area. This air will be mixed up with moisture and then released back into the room, thus increasing the humidity. The humidifier consists of a water tank. This tank has to be filled up frequently. Alternatively, the user has to connect it to a continuous water supply system. We are supplying various commercial and industrial type humidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany.

This process is called humidification. While dehumidification is removing humidity, humidification is generating humidity. As the process involves evaporation, these are also known as evaporation type humidifiers.working-principle-of-humidifier

Features of Humidifiers (Trotec, Germany)

Major features of humidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany are:

  1. It operates on normal tap water only without the requirement of distilled water.
  2. Hygrostat (Electronic Humidity controller) is available for automatically controlling the humidity.
  3. It is a highly efficient model with Optimum Price to performance ratio.
  4. These models are Compact, silent humidifiers.
  5. Automatic switch off function is available to stop the machine in case the water tank is empty.

Portable small humidifiers

These are small, silent comfort models for usage in house, offices, apartments etc. We can easily move the same from one room to another.

Model B200 Eco humidifier

The B 200 eco model is a compact yet remarkably reliable model for rooms up to a volume of 600 cubic feet.

The B 200 eco draws in the dry air in the room and the humidification process takes place through a replaceable evaporation filter. This model has a high degree of efficiency and a long product lifeportable-humidifier-Model-B200span.

Technical data of B200 Eco portable humidifier
  1. Maximum air flow rate is 500 m³/h.
  2. Input electrical voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz.
  3. Electrical power consumption is 0.15 kW.
  4. Approximate evaporation rate is 43.2 l / 24 h (max.).
  5. There are three fan stages.
  6. These are suitable for rooms of size up to approx. 600 m³.
  7. Humidification control is through an internal Hygrostat (Humidistat).
  8. Water reservoir capacity is approximate 19 liters.
  9. It has an integrated air filter.

Model B250 Electronic Humidifier

This is a more advanced fully electronic controlled model with advanced functionalities.

Major features:humidifier-trotec

  1. It has an automatic water supply facility.
  2. The user can see the water level on the display.
  3. Air purification is through an inbuilt filter.
  4. The user can adjust the fan direction.
  5. We can see the current humidity on the display.
B 250 technical data:
  1. Maximum air flow rate is 500 m³/h.
  2. The electrical supply voltage is 230 V/50 Hz.
  3. Electrical power requirement is 0.050 kW.
  4. The evaporation performance is 28.8 l / 24 h (at 23 °C / 24 % RH.).
  5. It has two fan stages.
  6. It is suitable for room sizes up to approximately 450 m³.
  7. The humidification control is through an internal humidistat. commercial-humidifier-model-B250
  8. The water tank has a capacity of 25 liters.
  9. It has an integrated air filter.

Commercial humidifiers

These are bigger models with more facilities and higher capacity of humidification. These units combine various functions of humidification and air purification in a single unit.

Commercial humidifier model B 300


  1. Ultraviolet sterilization of water in the water tank.
  2. The machine uses corrosion free materials.
  3. The user can lock the settings panel.
  4. IT has a large sized water tank.

Technical detailscommercial-humidifier-model-B300

  1. Maximum air flow rate is 600 m³/h.
  2. Electrical supply voltage 230 V/50 Hz.
  3. Electrical power consumption is 0.058 kW.
  4. Evaporation performance is 33.6 l / 24 h approximately.
  5. There are two fan stages.
  6. It is suitable for room sizes up to 600 m³ approximately.
  7. The humidity control is done through a moisture sensor.
  8. The water tank has a capacity of  25 liters.
  9. The air filter is built inside the humidifier.

Industrial humidifier model B400

This is the model having highest capacity of humidification. The operation principle is a rotating disc.

Features of model B400
  1. Two stage fan is available for comfortable circulation of air.
  2. The model ensures silent operation.
  3. The humidifier switches off automatically when water depletes in the tank.industrial-humidifier-model-B400
Technical data of model B400:
  1. Maximum air flow rate is 800 m³/h.
  2. Input electrical voltage is 230 V/50 Hz.
  3. Electrical power consumption is 0.053 kW.
  4. Evaporation rate is 60 l / 24 h (max.) approximately.
  5. It has two fan stages.
  6. It is suitable for rooms of size up to 900 m³ approximately.
  7. Humidification control is by an internal hygrostat (Humidistat).
  8. The water reservoir has a capacity of 34 liters.
  9. The air filter is integrated into the humidifier.

Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers are used for industrial purposes when higher capacity is required. The principle is to convert into steam using electrodes and electric power and spray into the rooms. more on the steam humidifier.

Comparison sheet of Industrial humidifiers (pdf)

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