Dehumidifier Calculation in Excel

Select dehumidifier based on your application

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This excel sheet calculates the dehumidifier capacity for reducing the humidity in a warehouse, cold room, warehouse, industries etc.

How to calculate the capacity of dehumidifier?free-download-dehumidifier-calculation-excel-sheet

In layman’s language, dehumidification process is the removal of water from the surrounding air. Bringing down the humidity levels means reducing the moisture content in the air.

So the capacity of a dehumidifier is defined as its capacity to remove the water content. eg. a dehumidifier with a capacity of 24 liters per day means it can remove 24 liters of water in a day. So effectively, moisture content totaling 24 liters can be removed in a day by this particular dehumidifier.

Details required to calculate de-humidification capacity

In order to calculate the required capacity of a dehumidifier, you need to collect the following details:

  1. The size of the room in cubic meters.
  2. Present temperature of the area, preferably the maximum recorded temperature reading.
  3. Present or maximum humidity levels without a dehumidifier in %RH (You can use a data logger or hygro meter to find out the same. Data logger will record the data over a time. Hygrometer will not record the data, but only will display on screen.)
  4. Required humidity level to which you want to reduce the humidity levels in %RH.

Method for calculating de-humidification capacity & selecting right dehumidifier

All the normal humidity measuring instruments will indicate the humidity levels in %RH. This has to be converted to absolute humidity which means the amount of moisture per cubic meter. Absolute humidity will be automatically calculated in the excel sheet for Sl. no. 3 & 4 defined above.

The difference between the absolute humidity of 3&4 above gives the moisture content to be removed from 1 cubic meter.

Multiply same by the volume of the room which will provide the total volume of the water to be removed from the room to bring the humidity down to the desired levels.

How to calculate the capacity of dehumidifier in Excel?

The above entire calculation is formulated in this free excel sheet. You need to enter only the input values as above and the results are automatically generated.

Example of calculation of de-humidification capacity

The above calculation is explained in the following example.

We assume the following values:free-download-dehumidifier-calculation-excel-sheet

  1. The present temperature of the room is 30°C.
  2. The present humidity of the room is 70% RH.
  3. Desired humidity of the room is 50% RH.
  4. Room size is 5 mtr (L) x 5 mtr (W) x 3 mtr (H).

From the above example we can calculate the following:

  1. Absolute humidity corresponding to 70% RH is equal to 21.23149 gram / cubic meter.
  2. Absolute humidity corresponding to 50% RH is equal to 15.16535 gram / cubic meter.
  3.  The Volume of the room is equal to 5x5x3 is equal to 75 cubic meters.

The difference of 1&2 above is 6.07 gram / cubic meter. This means that 20 gram of water has to be removed from each cubic meter to achieve 50%RH.

Hence for a volume of 75 cubic meters, required dehumidification capacity is 455 gram per hour ( 6.07 x 75 ).

This is equal to 0.455 kilograms per hour or 0.455 liters per hour. Calculating values per day, this amounts to 10.92 kg per day or 10.92 liters per day.

Hence you can select a dehumidifier with a capacity of 10.92 liters per day to meet your requirement. Among our various models, you can select the nearest model  TTK 40E which has a capacity of 12 liters per day at 30°C.

How to calculate which dehumidifier to use?

Also, you can use our online calculator for dehumidifier capacity calculation. Upon calculating the required capacity you can use the selection chart on the same page to select a suitable model. For bigger rooms,  it is better to select multiple smaller models instead of one big model. This is to improve the air circulation. eg. If you provide one big dehumidifier of 300 liters per day, in one location of a warehouse it will not provide enough air circulation around the warehouse. It will be better to provide 4  dehumidifiers each of 75 liters per day.

How to calculate the dehumidifier capacity in pint/day?

The above excel sheet is providing the results in liters per day. If you want to convert the capacity into pints per day, please use proper conversion. For conversion into US pints, you may use the multiplication factor of 2.11337642 to derive pint per day from liter per day.

Select dehumidifier based on your application

Home | Office | Industrial | Cold Room | Warehouse | Swimming pool | Basement

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  1. I am looking for dehumidification equipment for accommodation on an offshore installation. The equipment should be capable of handling the humidity over 3 floors, individual rooms and corridors along with control rooms etc, do you have a technical person i could speak to?

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    i want to calculate dehumidifier size for swimming pool

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    That is a good calculator. So this capacity calculation is the first step for selecting a dehumidifier? I do not know current humidity in my room. How to proceed?

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