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Air De humidifiers areTROTEC_germany_dehumidifiers useful for decreasing humidity levels of homes, offices, museums, warehouses, cold rooms etc. The operational principle is by absorbing the moisture from the air and thus reducing the humidity levels. We are supplying air dehumidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany. They manufacture numerous types of de-humidifiers for industrial, commercial and residential applications. These are typically used for hotels, swimming pools, offices, warehouses, cold rooms, apartments, villa etc.

Desiccant and condensation de humidifiers

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers use adsorbent material such as silica gel to absorb the moisture from the air. Condensation type models condense the moisture into water and the water has to be removed from the collection tray of the unit.
  • Desiccant types are ideal for low temperature and condensation types are more suitable for room temperature. Especially for cold conditions such as cold rooms, walk in chillers etc., desicommercial-dehumidifierccant type dehumidifiers are more suitable than condensation dehumidifiers. Condensation technology is not suitable at low temperatures.

How to calculate required capacity of dehumidifier?

In order to select the required air dehumidifier, you need to calculate the required dehumidification capacity. We can calculate this from the present humidity level and the desired humidity levels. Also, we require the room temperature and room size. Please see the calculation method and download the free excel sheet at this page.

Applications of air dehumidifiers

Typical applications are:free-download-dehumidifier-calculation-excel-sheet

  1. Maintain the  humidity inside cold rooms, walk in chillers etc. which are used for storage of medicines, vaccines etc. Such rooms should maintain a maximum humidity of 55-60% RH. There are low-temperature dehumidifiers for the ambient temperature near and below 0°C.
  2. Maintain humidity during storage of fruits and vegetables inside warehouses and walk in freezers. If the humidity goes above prescribed limits, the life of such items will be reduced drastically.high-capacity-basement-dehumidifier
  3. Maintain humidity inside warehouses storing medicines, electronic items etc.
  4. Libraries,museums, document archives etc. which should have low humidity levels. High humidity will cause the formation of the mold thus destroying artifacts, books, paintings etc.
  5. Reduce humidity in basements, car parks etc.
  6. For residential rooms,hospital rooms, and offices the humidity has to be under comfortable limits. For such applications, portable silent dehumidifiers are used.
  7. Reduce humidity inside indoor swimming pools. Swimming pools produce a huge amount of moisture which will cause huge damage to adjacent walls and rooms.
  8. Industrial and commercial dehumidifiers for various applications in industries for maintaining humidity.
  9. Interior Dehumidifiers combined with an air purifier for purifying air along with reducing  humidity.

A.Desiccant de humidifiers

Desiccant type models use silica gel or similar absorbents for absorbing the atmospheric  moisture. These are available in stationary and mobile versions. Industrial desiccant dehumidifiers are available up to a capacity of 58 kg/hour. These models are also called adsorption dehumidifiers.condensation-type-industrial-dehumidifier

    • Desiccant dehumidifiers portable

      These are portable models with rubber wheels with capacity from 0.35 kg/hour to 1.0 kg/hour. These are ideal for low-temperature areas such as cold rooms, walk-in freezers etc.

    • Desiccant dehumidifiers stationary

      These have to be installed and cannot be moved thereafter. The capacity of same is from 5 kg/hour to 58 kg/hour.

B. Condensation dehumidifierswall-mounted-sleek-dehumidifier

These type of air de humidifiers absorb moisture from the air by means of condensation and convert the same into water. This water is drained out of the room through a hose. Also, we can connect a small water pump to pump out the water. Mobile condensation type commercial de humidifiers are available with a capacity ranging from 32 liter/24 hours to 150 liter/24 hours.

    • Air Condensation de humidifiers portable

      These are portable models with wheels with capacity up to 2.2 cubic meter/hour. These are ideal for small to medium sized warehouses, industries etc. for air dehumidification.

    • Condensation de humidifiers stationary

      These are models of higher capacity for installation at the location. Thefree-download-dehumidifier-calculation-excel-sheetre are numerous models up to a capacity of 5 cubic meter/hour or 520 litre/24 hours.

    • Condensation dehumidifiers for Swimming pools

      DS series of dehumidifiers by Trotec are ideal for indoor swimming pools. 4 different models are available in this series with different operational principle and capacity.

    • Small & Quiet Condensation air dehumidifier for home and office useindustrial-dehumidifier-portable

      These are interior dehumidifiers in sleek and elegant design for offices and home use. There are different models available with a capacity of dehumidification from 8.7 liters/24 hr to 40 liters/24 hr. These are small and quiet dehumidifiers for absolute comfort. These are also known as comfort dehumidifiers. There are more than 15 compact models in this range of application.

C. Basement dehumidifiers

Basement de humidifiers are for usage in basement of buildings for reducing humidity. The basement of buildings tend to have a higher humidity due to problems of water logging. Also,humid air is heavy and hence settles down in the basements. Desiccant type or Condensation type de humidifiers can be used for normal capacity requirements of basement dehumidifiers. Please see our detailed page on basement dehumidifier

D. Humidifiers for increasing humidityhumidifier-trotec

Humidifiers are used to increase the humidity of rooms, ware houses etc. as per the desired levels of humidity. This works by means of evaporation and hence also are known as evaporation humidifiers. Trotec, Germany manufactures humidifiers of various capacities from portable models to stationery models. The applications include keeping right humidity for storage of vegetables, fruits dried fruits etc. which need to be stored at a certain humidity.more……….

How to select the right de-humidifier for your needs

In order to decide the right type of equipment for your needs, please provide the following details enabling us to recommend the correct model:

  1. The present temperature reading of the area.TTR200-desiccant-dehumidifiers-Trotec-Germany
  2. The present humidity level of the area.
  3. The humidity level you want to maintain in the area.
  4. Type of facility such as a warehouse, home, office etc.
  5. Area & volume of the room, warehouse, cold room etc. so as to calculate the air volume.
  6. Mounting of the unit – whether you want to place the same on the floor, mount on the wall, install above the ceiling, install outside the room etc.
Sizing calculation of dehumidifiers

The sizing and selection are mainly in the capacity of extraction of moisture content in terms of the liter per hour. This is calculated by calculating the difference between the present humidity and the required humidity to be achieved. From these data, the amount of water to be removed from the air has to be calculated and thus sizing calculation is carried out. You may download free excel sheet for calculation of capacity of the dehumidifier.


Brief specifications of the entire range are listed here for a quick overview. For more details and pricing please contact us

Model No.CapacityOperating Temperature RangeWeight
TTR Industrial stationary desiccant dehumidifier
TTR 10005.5 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH92 kg
TTR 50009.6 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH104 kg
TTR 240015 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH380 kg
TTR 330020 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH400 kg
TTR 500030 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH530 kg
TTR 650039 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH560 kg
TTR 800050 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH680 kg
TTR 950058 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH710 kg
TTR Industrial, portable desiccant dehumidifier
TTR 2000.35 kg/h-15 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH9 kg
TTR 3000.7 kg/h-15 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH12 kg
TTR 4001.2 kg/h-15 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH17 kg
TTR 400D1.6 kg/h-15 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH20 kg
TTR 500D2.2 kg/h-15 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH25 kg
TTR Industrial, stainless steel, desiccant dehumidifier
TTR 1600.5 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH14 kg
TTR 2501.1 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH19 kg
TTR 250Ex1.1 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH21 kg
TTR 250 HP1.0 kg/h-20 to 35°C/0 to 100%RH45 kg
DH-S series Industrial, condensation dehumidifier
DH 95S130 ltr/ day5 to 32°C/35 to 100%RH65 kg
DH 105S165 ltr/ day5 to 32°C/35 to 100%RH95 kg
DH 115 S312 ltr/ day5 to 38°C/35 to 100%RH125 kg
DH 145 S475 ltr/ day5 to 38°C/35 to 100%RH265 kg
TTK series Industrial, condensation dehumidifier
TTK 20017 ltr/ day0 to 40°C/35 to 100%RH34 kg
TTK 40030 ltr/ day0 to 40°C/35 to 100%RH42 kg
TTK 80055 ltr/ day0 to 40°C/35 to 100%RH70 kg
TTK 1500100 ltr/ day0 to 40°C/35 to 100%RH130 kg
Comfort dehumidifiers for home and offices
TTR 55E8.5 ltr/day1 to 35°C/ 45 to 100%RH6.8 kg
TTR 56E8.5 ltr/day0 to 32°C/ 35 to 90%RH8.5 kg
TTK 24E8.5 ltr/day5 to 32°C/ 30 to 90%RH10.1 kg
TTK 25E10 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 30 to 100%RH8.5 kg
TTK 29E8.5 ltr/day5 to 32°C/ 30 to 90%RH11.1 kg
TTK 30S10 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 49 to 100%RH9.1 kg
TTK 31E10 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 49 to 100%RH9 kg
TTK 40E12 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 30 to 100%RH10.5 kg
TTK 50E14 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 40 to 100%RH11.1 kg
TTK 51E14.7 ltr/day5 to 32°C/ 30 to 90%RH13.8 kg
TTK 70E18.6 ltr/day5 to 32°C/ 30 to 90%RH13.7 kg
TTK 70S20 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 49 to 100%RH12.4 kg
TTK 71E20 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 49 to 100%RH11.4 kg
TTK 75E18.2 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 40 to 100%RH12.3 kg
TTK 75S20 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 49 to 100%RH12.8 kg
TTK 90E28.4 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 30 to 100%RH13.6 kg
TTK 95E29.1 ltr/day5 to 32°C/ 30 to 90%RH18.5 kg
TTK 100E25 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 40 to 100%RH15.2 kg
TTK 100S28.4 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 40 to 100%RH15.2 kg
TTK 105S28.4 ltr/day5 to 35°C/ 30 to 100%RH14.5 kg
TTK 120E28 ltr/day9 to 35°C/ 40 to 100%RH22.3 kg
TTK 120S27 ltr/day5 to 43°C/ 40 to 100%RH23.5 kg
TTK 122E38 ltr/day9 to 35°C/ 40 to 100%RH22.9 kg
TTK 128E58.6 ltr/day5 to 32°C/ 30 to 90%RH23 kg
Swimming pool dehumidifiers
DS 3048 ltr/dayPlease contact us for details
DS 3148 ltr/dayPlease contact us for details
DS 5096 ltr/dayPlease contact us for details
DS 5196 ltr/dayPlease contact us for details
B200 Eco43.2 ltr/dayNA13 kg
B 25028.8 ltr/dayNA20 kg
B 30033.6 ltr/dayNA21 kg
B 40060 ltr/dayNA18.6 kg
B 500radio60 ltr/dayNA24 kg

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Select dehumidifier based on application

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