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Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has various guidelines in line with implementing world-class healthcare facilities. Few of them include temperature-monitoring-solutions-for-HAADmaintaining highest world class standards for storage and transportation of Medicine, Vaccine etc. and maintaining proper environment control in all pharmaceutical and healthcare segments.

We offer various products and solutions which are required for implementation of systems in line with requirements of SFDA for hospitals, pharmaceutical distributors etc. Our products and services are mainly for monitoring and control of temperature& humidity for various facilities.temperature-data-loggers-for-SFDA-requirements

    1. Temperature Data Loggers & Humidity data loggers

      Temperature data loggers are used for recording temperature data electronically. These are required for rooms, laboratories, pharmacies etc. in hospitals and for pharmaceutical distributors. There are various models for recording temperature and/or humidity. Read more…...

    2. Wireless Temperature monitoring systems

      Temperature can be monitored through Wireless systems for warehouses, cold rooms etc. Such systems can generate email, SMS and phone call alerts as well. The data can be monitored over the internet as well. Various wireless communications such as Radio Frequency, WiFi, Zigbee etc. can be used. Read Warehouse-mapping-study-as-per-SFDAmore……

    3. Temperature Alert System through phone call, SMS and Email

      Various critical systems such as cold rooms, blood banks, laboratories etc. can be connected to an alert system. In the event of
      temperature or humidity excursions, the system will generate alerts and local alarms. Read more…...

    4. Temperature tracking of vehicles

      Vehicles which carry medicine, blood, vaccines etc. need to be continuously monitored for its temperature. The temperature has to be always maintained within 2 to 8 °C or 15 to 25°C as per the wireless-temperature-sensor-for-SFDA-requirementsrequirement of the medicine. such monitoring is achieved through GPRS system and the data is transmitted over the internet. Read more….

    5. Monitoring of Refrigerator & Freezer with phone alert

      Refrigerators and Freezers are used for various storage purposes throughout the healthcare industry. The temperature of all of them can be recorded
      and monitored digitally with alert systems. Read more….

    6. Temperature recording during transportationmapping-study-freezer-refrigerator-as-per-SFDA

      In its simplest form, temperature data of sensitive goods can be recorded during transportation using normal data loggers. the data can be downloaded at the end of each transportation. WiFi and Wireless models are available which will automatically download the data once the vehicle reaches the designated warehouse or another destination where a data receiving unit will be installed. Read more….

    7. Cheapest Electronic Temperature indicator

      This is the cheapest temperature indicator and the first of its kind in the world, introduced by Cryopak USA These do not record the data but will indicate whether the temperature has gone above or below the permitted levels by a LED indication. This is especially useful for monitoring blood, body tissues, medicine, vaccine etc. Read more….

    8. Temperature & Humidity Mapping study and Qualification cold-room-temperature-mapping-study-mapping-study-as-per-SFDAof a cold room, warehouse, vehicles, reefers etc.

      The temperature and humidity inside a warehouse, van, cold room, refrigerator etc. may not be uniform throughout the entire enclosed area. This is analysed by conducting a mapping study. A qualification process is a more detailed study to certify that the asset is fully capable of maintaining the desired temperature and humidity at all levels. Read more….

Vacker Arabia carrie sout temperature mapping study of warehouses, cold rooms, vans, reefers etc. as per SFDA requirements in all cities of Saudi Arabia covering Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jubail and Khobar. Also we supply temperature recordign systems for warehouses, cold rooms, vans etc.

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