Packaging Solutions for Refrigerated Goods

Frozen or refrigerated food items have been a big part of modern human life. Frozen foods are consumed on a much larger scale when compared to rural areas. Foods are refrigerated or frozen to keep them edible for a longer period of time. One of the important factors in the frozen food industry is proper packaging. Vacker Global is a highly experienced company that provides every kind of packaging solution for refrigerated items especially, food.


Our experts are very well known to design packets which are highly attractive to the clients. Our packaging solutions are capable of enduring different harsh conditions during transportation of refrigerated items. Our professionals have developed packaging solutions for different items such as meats, cheese, vegetables and many other dairy products. We understand different requirements for different items and design packaging with the required packaging capabilities.

With the packaging solutions provided by Vacker Global, you are assured longtime freshness of frozen products during transit as well as in their destination details. There are different types of packaging solutions offered by Vacker Global.

We are one of the leading packaging suppliers in the world and provide wide capabilities in bags, pouches, roll stock and film. We provide surface printed films, laminated films and coextruded films. We also provide stand-up pouches, shaped pouches, spouted pouches, etc. for our clients.

Packaging-Solutions Vacker

We have to understand that packaging is the most important part to protect the quality of food. According to different researches done around the world, food items worth millions of dollar are wasted due to the improper packaging of the frozen food during transportation of food as well as during their storage. Our packaging solutions ensure there is no more wastage of food due to improper packaging. The packaging solutions are designed in such a way that they gain optimal efficiency with very low waste.

Vacker Arabia is a major supplier of all items related to packaging solution across the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covering Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jubail and Khobar.


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