iMini Temperature and Humidity Data loggers

These are USB type data loggers for recording temperature and humidity. There are different models for temperature alone and temperature+humidity. Also different models with memory capacity from 8000 readings to 124000 readings are available.  There is a USB port at the back side for downloading the data. Also there are 4 LED alert indicators to indicate whether the temperature or humidity exceeded the defined upper and lower limits.

Technical details and Manual of iMini Series Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers


These are characterized by its yellow colour.

a. Software download – Please click here to download the latest software

b. Sample reports : pdf report , Excel report , Text report

c. How to install the software Console plus for iMini data logger – Video (1 Minute)

d. How to operate the iMini data logger – video(1 Minute)

e. How to download data from the data logger – video (1.5 minutes)

f. How to program the iMini data logger – video (4 minutes)

g. Brochure for iMini series Temperature and Humidity data logger(pdf)

h. Manual for software (pdf)

i. Operating manual for iMini data logger (pdf)

Vacker Arabia supplies iMini plus temperature and humidity data loggers in all cities of Saudi Arabia covering Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jubail and Khobar.


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