Why to use automated air curtains for pharmaceutical storage

For pharmaceutical storage areas, maintaining proper temperature and humidity is always a challenge. The warehouses need to be maintained under a temperature condition of 15-25°C and 65% Relative Humidity. For cold rooms, the temperature has to be maintained between 2-8°C and 65% Relative humidity.industrial-air-curtain

As the ambient conditions are hot and humid especially in summer, it is a huge challenge. A Certain level of control can be achieved by installing air curtains.

Why use Air curtains for warehouse and cold rooms?

The industrial air curtain is an electric fan fitted inside a straight duct shaped enclosure. This is mounted above the door of the warehouse or cold room similar to a curtain. When switched on, this will generate continuous air forming a virtual curtain. To a certain extent, this will prevent external air from coming into the warehouse. This will protect both temperature and humidity from entering the warehouse or cold room.warehouse-air-curtain

Generally, people operate this manually, which means they switch on and off using an electric switch mounted somewhere near the door. When the door is opened, the operator will switch ON the fan. Once the door is closed, the air curtain also has to be switched OFF.

As you can imagine this is not efficient and if the operator forgets to switch ON, the whole purpose is lost.

Advantages of automatic  Switch ON/OFF air curtain

In order to prevent operator negligence, it is better to automate the industrial air curtain. Many of the pharmaceutical industries now insist that the same has to be automated. In this system, as soon as the door is opened, the fan works automatically. Similarly, as soon as the door closes, the fan stops automatically. This automatic switch ON and OFF system is now preferred by many pharmaceutical and food industries.

This automation can be carried out at a very low cost and can work very efficiently.

This is carried out by connecting an infrared sensor or electrical sensor on the door. As soon as the door is opened, the sensor detects and sends an ON signal to the fan. Instead of a sensor, a signal can be generated from the control panel of the door opening switch also.

What is difference between Air curtain and PVC curtain/Strip curtainpvc-strip-curtains

The PVC curtain is a curtain made of transparent PVC strips. An Air curtain is an electric fan. We definitely install recommend to use PVC curtains in addition to an air curtain. This will add much more protection from the external air.

An air curtain and strip curtain will definitely improve the performance which can be validated by conducting a temperature mapping study.

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